Are You Kitten Me? Lyrics

Grown Ups

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Lyrics to Are You Kitten Me?
Are You Kitten Me? Video:
I need to keep my head on straight
I often feel it's just dead weight
My skull's not filled with gold
it's full of shit and secondhand smoke
I'm all CIA
I'm all civil war
I'm paralyzed by all the things I can't ignore

My apathy throws the hardest hit
but I leaned right into it
so much for innocence I saw it fleeing in the distance
my city's busy building clouds
I'm trying hard to knock them down
from their lofty heights
I lost my cat to countless cloudy nights
They last forever

Are you kitten me?
I miss you terribly even though I know you're probably just a yard away
And you don't need me to watch those deep sea documentaries
just stay perched on the balcony
"Kittens inspired by Kittens
wishes that never came true
got carried away by the river
and carried away with you"
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