Lyrics to Arabella
Arabella Video:
You could be many things, precious pearls or diamond rings
your beauty's just a story in my head
You could be an astronaut, daffodils or forget-me-nots
but I hope this plot gets thicker as we go
and I know you're blushing while I'm singing to you..

Arabella do you think that I could tell ya that I wanna spend a
minute or a moment just to see if I'm the only one who feels
you when I'm dreaming? I'd hate to be the reason that your heart breaks down tonight
I hope I'm right with who I made you up to be, you could be oh so many things

You could be a drama queen, or the centerfold in a magazine
an artist with a sparkle in your eye
You could be the chamomile that makes me sleep and makes me feel
warmed up from the inside of my soul
I'm cold, so I'm wishing while I'm singing to you

Maybe I will never be the clever guy who lives to see
a way to make it to your heart
But writing songs for pretty girls who serve me fries and serve me chills
it's who I have been from the startÂ….

(Thanks to Sierra for these lyrics)
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