Lyrics to Appetites
Appetites Video:
Have they been counting your blessings
On their fat fingers and toes
And when you find it distressing
Are they like god only knows
How many dreams they've forsaken
Just to keep us in clothes?

All around the world ripens to rot
And we fill up our guts with the sweet dark spots
And we take to the skies like
Locusts in flight
It might be a disgrace but
We still got out appetites

We've no shame and we've no pride
and we've got nothing left to hide
Cause we've got nothing left inside
They can try with all of their might
We still got our appetite

Each night we come like
sharks to the chum
but the ladder's succumbed
to all but gristle and crumbs.
The stakes are so low that we eat off the floor
That's what we got long tongues for
Show us your teeth and show us your tits
and show us the scars from all the shit that you did.
And we swell up like ticks on the hide of the night
It makes better men sick but to me it's alright!
I love you to the max!
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