Apathy Is A Cold Body Lyrics

Poison The Well

You Come Before You

Lyrics to Apathy Is A Cold Body
Apathy Is A Cold Body Video:
This person staring through
This person staring through the reflective
You've turned and run off with all
to the other side with you
and I know, I know
you try so damn hard to be so happy.
So you say, what do I do now that you are me?
I'll fade with time, just like in the dream.
Inherit my shoes, they were too hard to fill anyways.
I want it to go well for you, start over and do it right this time for me.
Open the eyes, look at this wall and notice the one that borrows and steals.
I do this to myself.
Stick to the side roads,
they help interesting thoughts.
You see what you want to see.
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