Lyrics to Anywhere
Anywhere Video:
Excuse me Ms. Virginia, my name's Mr. Jones
could you spare a moment of your time? I won't take long
I'm just an ordinary guy in an ordinary world
with a dream to run away with an ordinary girl
lately I've been thinking you should get away
find a better place to spend the remainder of your days
and if you don't mind, I'd like to tag along
I'll keep you company we'll find a place we both belong

picture you and me
we'll sail across the sea
I'll take you anytime, anyplace, anywhere you want to be
just run away with me
forget the lives we lead
follow me

We could sail the ocean or maybe the Great Lakes
enjoy the open air and let the wind caress our face
climb the highest mountain or jump out of a plane
spend a sunny afternoon just lying in the rain
we could build a home somewhere and start a family
or we could leave it all behind and move to Italy
but whatever we do, we'll always be free
as long as were together, just the two of us is all we need

this could be our chance
run on and on
just give me a chance
run on and on
find a place where we belong
run on and on
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