Lyrics to Anyone
Anyone Video:
Does he have everything that you imagined in a trophy, a so-called companion?
Another heart to step on like broken glass...
Last requests? I thought you'd never ask...

You don't need anyone
To take out all of your aggressions
You should be burned for your sins
So I'll see you in hell...

It's only a matter of time until all emotion is fleeting from this corpse formerly known as love
And now it's time for my last confessional
As I count my sins on the rosary that is my heart:

That I don't need anyone
To engulf me in lust
But there's still something I can't get rid of
That heartbreaking memory that I was a victim of love

You didn't know that I never needed
You as much as I thought I did, but
You've changed much more than I've aged all this time and
You still regret that I can't remember to forget you
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