Lyrics to Anyone / Anything
Anyone / Anything Video:
You want to know what I am doing here?
The same reason it’s been for all these
years. Being made to feel like an outcast in
my own home. You question me on my own
affinity, well I ask of you, “who do you think
you see?” Being made to feel like I’m no
longer wanted in the place I found for that
same problem. I don’t owe anyone, I don’t
owe anything, so stop expecting everything
from me. You don’t owe me a thing, I’m just
trying to be, so just stop answering for me.
I see the contradiction. I see through it’s
ways. I see through everyone living fast in a
passing phase. There’s people that changed
me. There’s songs that saved me from all of
this. There’s days that defined me. There’s
nights that gave me strength from all of
this. So here I am looking past it all reciting.
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