Lyrics to Any Turn
Pack it in, pick it up, dropping off, dropping out
Night trails, old tales, next day, underpaid
No flight, can't write, same songs, new night
Duncan's in the can again, I'm crying all night
'Bout a guy with another guy waiting for me 'round the back
Heavy time, no go, next show

Bad cough, big mouth, next stop, down South
Bet's in, write 'em out, sounds bad, time's up
Sleep now, upright, late start, feel fine
Dreaming 'bout the time but you can't now, never mind
Pointing out the sun

Heads on line, left behind
I'm gonna find any turn, woo-hoo

Neck cracks, take-backs, no pen, sad sacks
Swinging at the Troubadour, Dee's, skate Fairfax
Midtown, big town, roof's gone, wrong town
In the van again, big head, goin' down
Something 'bout a horse and a man and a Cadillac
Quick bump, short stack, no brains, head back

Set 'em up in the motel room
Baby, it's all come and go, I feel down tonight
Yeah, where's home tonight?
Sit alone and be so ill
Set it all on someone else's bill, woo-hoo

No smokes, bad jokes, ten bucks, good jokes
George, Gram, Paris, Buddy, Bobby, Bobbie, Beau
Boredom's gonna getcha, thinking's never better
State line, red wine, saying what you know
Bedtime, old time, anytime, midnight
Let's fight, baby, fall down, good night

No time, heads on line
I'm gonna find any turn, any turn