Lyrics to Antlers
Antlers Video:
I'll wear my antlers
Like a hunter roaming through the trees
And hope that no one
Has the guns or guts to shoot at me

See, we are only as visible
As we want to believe
So steady that rifle and shoot it back
Yeah, I'm the kid you never see

I have a sister
Who got out from the bars that kept her in place
I said kid someday I'll move back home
But for now I'm still away

See, we are only as permanent
As the ones who think of us
So remember me since I love you dearly
And I hope that will be enough

But for now I'm in a sleeping bag
My lover sleeps on the bed
I just want to count on something so bad
Singing, I love you but I hate this

I went to the dealer
Down the hall said you got what I need
My window's open every day
And I don't like what I see

He said god puts stones before our paths
So that we won't just stand still
His love is real, his word is truth
Oh, and here's your fill

Then I walked away and slammed the door
My words spill out on the kitchen floor
And I just want to count on something so bad
Singing I love you
But I hate this
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