Anthem For Doomed Youth Lyrics

The Indelicates

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Lyrics to Anthem For Doomed Youth
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You're howling, abyss-eyed and broken
You're perverted, ungracefully drunk
But there's nobody left in the West these days
Wronged enough to be a punk
Doomed youth, you're so beautiful
You never learn to be suspicious of the stones
That look too precious to be true
Like you, doomed youth

The spit at the edge of your mouth
The stain at the crotch of your jeans
The three inch bruise at the crook of your arm
That in the right light looks like Jesus
The smirk you can't hide when you cry
The care in the knot of your tie
It's really not that hard to stay alive
When you're 25,doomed youth
Ah, doomed youth (x3)

Your party and your revolution
Your grand designs and adorable dreams
Your silverless palms and your list of demands
For concessions the world doesn't need
Ah doomed youth, you're too beautiful
All your simplicities that you know they can't see
Like you can do, doomed youth

And everything's different lately
And it's all exactly the same
We know secrets and songs and temptation
We know how things burn when you don't watch the flame
And the colours are hazy and faded
The ideas given way to the names
We are miners no more, never torn by war
Neither starving nor struggling nor credibly poor
Ah doomed youth (x3)
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