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The Papercuts

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Lyrics to Another Thing to Dust
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Peeling all the paint off of this house sure takes some work
pretty soon the trees will shake and the season will be turned
and the piles in the backyard will all begin to rust
every new thing will be another thing to dust

Bought a pretty face to go and hang up on my wall
but anything you hang too high is surely bound to fall
and then at first you might find it hard to adjust
pretty soon that painting's just another thing to dust

Ya a girl she can look at you and make you feel real good
but she can also treat you like you're just piece of wood
so if you see us out together don't get jealous
sometimes I feel like just another thing to dust

And the trees have shaken and the wind is blowing hard
looks like it's gonna to be a long, long march(?)
so you better bring your overcoat but don't take too much
right now what you need is another thing to dust
oh yeah
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