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Lyrics to Another Sunday Morning
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It's another start all over Sunday morning
Another chance
To get your shit together and get going
To break this trance

Many years have gone by but you've always hoped
That if you keep on trying you will make it home
To the place where you own every second of your time
and you fall asleep full, so content and satisfied

But Wednesday dawns, a day of trial
A test of faith
You question your ability to follow through
To make this change

Many years have gone by as you tried in vain
To begin where you failed, to restore your good name
There's a place you have seen in your wild imaginings
Where who you are is the same as who you've wanted

To be a man of careful thought
Who sees deceit in all its forms
Who finds a kindness in his soul
Who loves and won't let go

Who works until he's satisfied
Enjoys his life and values time
and soldiers through all obstacles
Speaks only of what he knows

Many years have gone by
Many years have gone by
But you can still try

To be a man of certainty
Who sees the good in everything
Who wonders in the light of dawn
How days go on and on

Who doesn't understand a thing
But tries with all his energy
To find some peace to lie upon
And rest when days are gone
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