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Lyrics to Another Sunday Evening
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another Sunday evening
I know that I've been meaning
to find a place where i don't feel alone
sitting by myself
she strolls in from the back
she penetrates the walls that I've built
silently I watch her
does she notice me?
across the room for a moment our eyes meet

I would understand you
revolve my world around you
tell me everything
that's got you down
I could never blame you
or ever try to tame you
take away the pain
that's got you down

now it's 1 AM
think I should be sleeping
but I'm wide awake and waiting for a smile
maybe I'm just dreaming
of something I find true
I'm paralyzed by those eyes
see right through
I wonder how your doing
has life been fair to you?
have you gotten what you wanted?
are you waiting for something new?
so beautiful to me
I lost reality
and I can't help but think to myself

I don't stand a chance
caught off guard by a first glance
can't think clearly
so I'll sit still
can you even hear me?
I wonder if you ever will
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