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Armed Metropolis

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Lyrics to Another Song To Inspire This Poverty
Another Song To Inspire This Poverty Video:
We all have potential.
They don't teach you that in school.
It's all Confidential, strictly fundamental rules.
We're conditioned to brainwashed fiction.
And all these songs they couldn't stand to listen.
Bad habits passed on like traditions.

False education.
Posters bleeding thick of motivation.
Join forces with this nation.
$50 thou(sand) gratification.
White men writes the textbooks.
Popularity wins by best looks.
And thats how things are resolving.
Wonder why the twins towers are falling.
Pick it up cuz' it's revolution calling.

Life's long lesson scared my skull with the knowledge.
Something that you cats just can't learn in college.
And if you don't have a degree.
Your bound to live in bondage.
Growing up to expectations.
trying hard to acknowledge.

The fact that there's really nothing left.
Commercialize, yellow pages swelling up with ads.
Another song to inspire this poverty.
Our eastwick glory.
I rather die resisting, then give in to your conformity.

(Armed Metropolis 2008)
(Written by Diego "Mouthful" 2004)
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