Lyrics to Another Shot Of Whiskey
Another Shot Of Whiskey Video:
You walk in with another headache I can tell by the lines in your face You seem to think if you just remove the problem The answers are what will come next Another shot of whiskey and maybe I'll be ready For what's still crowded in your head Never thinking that all the good times Are what walked in with the bad I don't know why we compromise ourselves I thought it was a common understanding With all I've tried to help with Tell me why I end up empty-handed Another couple of beers while I'm safe here at the bar And maybe I'll get me some rest Don't know why all the goodtimes Have to turn up with the bad It's like a sword of hate You brandish it so proud I wonder if you're taught what you feel Or is it the way you got it cold dead in your eye? It would be good if you could just leave me well enough alone The crime of fate is what I have to follow through If I'm going to get past you Another shot of whiskey and That's about the only way I can listen anymore Go ahead and drown me of everything At least I still got my place at the bar Another shot of whisky and that's about the only Way I can listen anymore Never seeing that all the good times Are what walked in with the bad

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