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another nice daywell, that ?s your livethat ?s your life you ?re livin?well this is allthis is what you getwhere are your dreamsdreams have turned to nightmareshell, you want allyou can?t get it allhow much pain can you bear man,till your body needs a breakand you still say it ?s okit ?s just another nice dayhow much tears fill your eyes man,till you can not see the skyand you still say it ?s okit ?s just another nice daytime, time is allyou know time is moneyright, it is allbeliever of your liehave you forgotwhat you are fighting forwell, you will runtill you gonna diehow much pain.....well that ?s your lifethat ?s the life you ?re livin?no one really countsdarkness in your headnow think aboutmeaning of your lifetimeyou have one chancebut the facts are sadhow much pain.....

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