Lyrics to Another Lie
Another Lie Video:
Another Lie Ya got what you wanted, now throw it away
Ignore your promise, fuck what i say.
A broken promise tears us apart.
Now Im paying for the shit you start.

Its not about others, only about yourself
To get what you want, do what you will
Its people like you, i lose my faith
ake some time and change your ways

I wanna try my hardest, to fucking understand!
I wanna try my best, to be the bigger man!
But it's hard, with the trust, that ya just let pass by
These words you gave me, Were just a fucking lie!

A promise is a promise, something you keep
You and your fucking cheap
Dont get me wrong...I know that things change
But insincere words...mean what you say!

Once Again, Another fucking lie ( 3 x)

You let me down, I dont even wanna try ( 4 x)
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