Lyrics to Another Golden Day
Another Golden Day Video:
When I was young, I stood astride; the mountains, oh they'd moved aside
And my thoughts began to ??? and ??? would reconcile
And lonely ships, they'd move at pace from overseas to every place
My fearless eyes were ever raised to see the final battles wage

When I was young, the day was long and the evening was a distant sun
A manuscript of paper wrapped in boxes all forever trapped
A light absorbed phenomenon that's in the furthest places thought
By making ??? of white, we managed to destroy the night

When I was young, I turned my hand to building cities out of sand
And castles whose foundation formed, the earth from which my faith is born
The powerless will fly away and give remembrance to this day
By furious love and service ???, another golden day is brought

When I was young, with bountiess grace my adversary I embraced
Whose broad defenses I exalt, suspicion was his only fault
With arms outstretched he kept apart the love and fear within his heart
Though long he stood with out a friend, my fight was stronger in the end

When I was young, I understood that being angry does no good
But still I fought against my will, the visions that I sought to kill
Assuming that I was alone, I fought the demon on my own
But I was young and had no fear, I did not know my death was near
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