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Lyrics to Annwyn, Beneath The Waves
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Here, thoughts cling airborne To a sea of voice so glorious; mesmerizing
This is my body; this is my inner mind; What lies beneath my eyes
Discarded years of elemental faith Beckoned to a watery embrace with love upon his face
My appetite's unchanged

Sink into dream: these enchanted depths The realm of muted wisdom
Slowly descend; trust ignites the darkness And bliss is this drowning moment

Believe me I am sorry To charm with bitter eyes; mesmerizing
Careless magic turns upon itself, washed down in ritual
Your coin and prayer can't feed the wishing well
The silence glistens on my skin; the water urges charity
I crave a grander offering My appetite's unchanged

Here I remain This is my body; this sea my inner mind
Find comfort in my arms Winds beckon above the surface; storms wane forsaken
My gaze is baptism; mesmerizing

Come to me Greet me with open arms Mesmerizing
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