Lyrics to Anna Rose
Anna Rose Video:
he used to be everything to me
she said
I still can't believe he's gone
it's been so long

he changed the way she gazed upon life
providing something more than our money could buy
his voice was her lullaby
he still pays her visit from time to time
in a ballroom setting of the night sky

"do you believe in love at first sight?"
he still says with a smile
"dance with me tonight
Anna Rose i won't let you go
'til tomorrow"

she waits patiently for the night to come
holding onto dreams
the way it was
recalling all the walks to the edge of the sea
memories carved into the willow tree
there are so many things that make her cry
'til she returns to dance in the night sky

she slips away from the world that brings her so much pain
never seems to change
she escapes through this dream over and over again
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