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Lyrics to An(In)finite Study Of What Is
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Peace of mind now attempts to show me a slight hint of the light of day, but these waves carry me to memory of a summer night and a vision of how your beauty could coexist with the scent of death. stolen as we stood so vulnerable, unaware of what value you held. we could remember in session. talk through thoughts and possessions and never find a mind of peace, of closure, or explanation. i will have recollections of how we consumed and now how the fact that part of us has been eaten away will consume me. it is impossible to come to terms with questions unanswered. revitalization halted by premature dust to dust misexplanation. you filled me with hope yet they gave you none. whatever light i see, i know it must be prosthetic. for reality won't allow for the catalyst of all things real to me. and only in ashes will i see

(in memory of ryan rhodes)

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