Lyrics to Animal
Animal Video:
[Verse 1]
I swallow six foot men my jaw size ludicrous
when I was new to this I ate my siblings in the uterus
kill a killer whale, iller scales than iguanas
shred cows in seconds like thousands of pirahnas
hammer head thermal radar sensors increase
crossing under-water vocanic peaks where lava leaks
the bola zambezi shark rip you apart
survived the dinosaurs extinction with ridiculous heart
livers eighteen gallons of oil to help me float
more than eighteen gallons of blood fell out your throat
after I co-ordinate pectoral and dorsal
to your co-ordinates then dissect your body to morsels
on Normandy's beach it's storming
ferocious feeding frenzys forming, as your blood is emptied its pouring
needle nosed battering ram, shattering slams to your cattamaran
with my teeth stabbing your glands

[Chorus x2]
Raahhh! I am an animal!
sea land or air, eat a man or two
chew through whole crews like a cannibal
cut and sandwich you, I am an animal!

[Verse 2]
I'm the malicious mammal, killing sadistic vandals
who are destroying earths crystalline twisted channels
my tiger fleet need thirteen pounds of meat
each a day to stay alive and eat
the chief predator, so if you got beef I'm deading ya
chew through caribou large cattle etcetera
and man stands at the head of the list
he destroys prey and habitat that let us exist
the caspian bali and java were not survivors
I roll with the indo-chinese and south china
sumatran, bengal and siberian
when caught men fall and scream I'm not hearing 'em
every tiger's unique stripes distinguishes
us from one another like human finger prints
my tiger claw wounds you can't hide with gauze
died of course with your skull inside my jaws!


[Verse 3]
My razor beak and crest are sharp and regal
dark and evil, the ravenous harpy eagle
dart between trees, snatch two toed sloths
seventeen pounds to the ground then chew its nose off
wing span is ten feet
I beat howler monkies out the trees while you pecking seed where the hens eat
the bald eagle, perched on a tall steeple
all feeble prey get slayed including ya'll people
when I'm landing with my team start abandoning your dream
snatch that ass like a salmon in a stream
slashing ya, in the air tear half of ya
cause the other half dropped in Alaska
I'm hacking the flesh off the back of ya
then take a bath in ya, fresh blood like Dracula
I ravage ya, carcass like a scavenger
claws stabbing ya, aerial attack massacre!

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