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Lyrics to Angry? Me? Never...
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I am being reclusive for a reason
I hate the way you care
Can't you understand that it's love that put me here?
My parents inability to keep their pants on
Hearts don't break, they're not made of porcelain
And you never ever feel it in your heart
The butterflies in your tummy take the heartache away
And fly straight into the nearest hormone fuelled teen
Love exists, that I won't deny
But it doesn't make your life a breeze
Constant worry as to whether you're doing things right
Don't upset them
Don't belittle them
Don't be without them
Well this time I'm gonna fall away from these stereotypes
I'm not going to pine for the girl who can't be mine
I'm not going to ignore the girl who secretly wants me
I'm not going to watch the geek get the cheerleader
I'm not going to watch the goth forget her woes after a kiss
I'm not going to be what they show you
Love is nothing like you know
You only know what it's like when you see it's gone
Gone but not forgotten? Only in your eyes
So shall I cut my arms?
No, that just proves that you crave for more attention
Shall I drink some more?
Once again, you're craving attention from the ones who care
And especially from the ones who don't
The people who really feel this never tell a soul
They never cry in public (release your sensitive side...)
They hide it all away
A smile for every occasion
No one knows of what they worry about
Until it's carved on their tombstone
So please just fuck off and cry somewhere else
Cry in front of the opposite sex to show them you're soft
But please don't say you suffer in silence
Because you don't
You'll never know who suffers in silence
Because they can't be heard
Now go and watch a teen drama and listen to some emo
The more I talk to you the more I hate the world
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