Anger Of The Ancients Lyrics


As Our Army Grows

Lyrics to Anger Of The Ancients
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Feel the hatred of an entire nation
Caused by lack of historic respect
Mankind's greed has no boundaries
He's proven it time after time
The tombs of gods and of royalty
Protected, revered and were sacred

You walk the path of the ancients
Fear & loathing all around
Too late you sense the power
The Anger of the Ancients

Awake the presence of the mighty power
Summon forces buried deep within
We won't rest until you've all been taken
And our treasures rightfully returned

You walk the path...

Will you hide from the immortal forces?
Or will you attempt to stand and fight
Either way you'll know anxiety now
And you'll pay for all that you have done

You walk the path...
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