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Lyrics to Angels Watching Over Me
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They encamp all around me, so i have no fear, they tell me he's there for me, whisper in my ear, it means the world to me, to have them near, here, these are my angles over me

They come from the Lord above, and before His faith, they carry the light of love, cover me with grace, they wanna see me complete this race, these are my angles over me

I got angles watching over me(watching my way from night and day) I got angles watching over me (fighting away the hurt the pain) I got angles watching over me (they'll never fly away) angles over me

They privatley hold me, with their mighty wings, when i cry, they console me, with the song they sing, and when i sleep they watch over me, send away evil things, these are my angles over me

Said we don't even know them, the protection they give, there was sleet on the road, and yet i continue to live, sometimes i even wish that they wouldn't answer my call, but a wavering angle, they just won't let me fall, oh


over me
sometimes i wanted to give up on it all
give up this way
throw in the towel
oh angle
but you never never let me go
over me
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