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Walk these lands like angels

I was stranded on the shore
With the violence and the war
In the snake pits with a sword
And my hatred for the lord
I was taken from the storm
Where the wise men kept me warm
I was taught there how to form
Love and wisdom from my harm
Obnoxious, toxic, autonomous
Enter Narcotics Anonymous
Holding back the erogenous
Transference of androgynous
Consciousness in the structure
Fluctuation ego rupture
Empty identity
To the point of implosion or combustion
God bust in, the spirit moves you, you fall down
Like heavens crushing
I started rushing, round the temple
Begging god to show me something
He said son you once were blind
Take this talisman from my table
You take these lessons to the people
And we can walk these lands like angels

Walk these lands like angels

The seventh son on the seventh day
Saw the seventh sign
Seven truths, seven ways
To enlighten your mind
Seven chakras serving seven kings
Start at your spine
Seven seals reveal seven lights
For the dumb, deaf and blind
Divine loyalty
I am here to serve this royalty
It spoils me
With the love and grace it anoints me
And points me
In the right direction of Eden
From the judgment of usurpers and heathens
George W
I can tell my love doth trouble you
'Cause I'm loving Osama bin Laden
Like I'm loving you
Not because my sores and chores
Have cost me more
Because love's the only way to win a holy war
And it's war all y'all
You should heed the call

Don't stall
7000 Babylons will fall
And lip service to God
Ain't gonna matter at all
Whether you chant rounds
Lay a mat or sing in a hall
If you ain't telling the truth
Or you ain't breaking the wall
Or you relying on the old truths
Lacking the gall
Become a casualty
Of the ever evolving spirituality
What was a shrine to you then
Has become a cavity
Don't renovate your rut
Or try to save the cup
God's alive and yup
He's trying to wake you up
So if your heart is shut
Let the message cut
We can heal the blood
As we strut
These lands like angels

Walk these lands like angels

Come blow the trumpets yes the new dawn's coming
And the kick drums drumming
Got the bassline humming
Jesus please say something
"You people don't know how beautiful you are
You fucking living on a star
The gods in heaven
Never thought you'd get this far
How bizarre
Homosapiens are breaking spirits hearts
We fall in love with you
Like astronomers fall in love with star-charts
We don't begrudge you any mistakes
We don't intervene or try and nudge you
We gave you free will
Celebrate it, it's impossible for us to judge you
We love you
More than you yourselves could possible ever love you
We don't make floods to punish
Or create earthquakes to move and shove you
So while your body's still living
And your soul's still driven
We can live this vision
And complete this mission like angels"

Walk these lands like angels
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