Angels, Ghosts, and Demons Lyrics

Brett Shady

Non-album songs

Lyrics to Angels, Ghosts, and Demons
Angels, Ghosts, and Demons Video:
Blackened walls and
Crooked doorways
Flooded streets
Ghosts of the old days
This was our town we built with our hands

He's a stranger
She's the one he wants
She tried to sleep
Inside the roomy arms
Lights are flickering, raging midnight

He's walking streets
Inside an endless fog
Searching hard for any tracks
Of those who've chosen wrong
Inside the sound of drunken laughter

Booze was flowing
Three cheers for me and you
A toast to all of us
And everything that we do
Our yellow light surrounded by a deep, dark sky

But later in the night
Through the corner of my eye
I saw shadows moving by
Heard a rumbling outside
Keep the music going, man
We've got each other, we'll be fine

And we sang
Nevermind the morning time
The party's never coming
There's still so much
For us to do tonight
The spirits in our bottles
Mix with sprits in our hearts
And take us over

The wind was howling
And we would laught it off
Rain was filling up the streets
Mildew and dry rot
The silent prowler welcomed everything

The day, it broke
And woke a tired town
Bloodshot eyes
Looked on our stomping ground
They knew this was where it ended

The law, they came around
The banners all came down
And we left our little town
To the angels
Time is writing angels into demons
And they've dragged me down
Time is writing angels into demons
And they follow me around
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