Lyrics to Angelic Me
Angelic Me Video:
Embraced by the nightmares thou forced me to dwell Caressed by thy horrors which I into fell My darkest angel, my temptress of night Glorificator, of lust and delight I am lost in thy dark desires Thy serpentic Eden of flesh Through splendid creations which thou me into lured I faced the dreams, drunken from thy wine "As moonlit silver whispered through mysteries eyes And ravens seeded sorrowpaths in faded thine Thou hungered for lust and passion dark When sin stroke thy hands into bloodied mine" Call out and I will follow The dark paths that thou cast before me I will treasure them as night treasures shadows And flee the light above Sorrows that we burnt together Memories that faded away The tears that we dreamt forever Will eternally greet us our death As night spreads its wings in silence And all that remain is pure We gather our screaming horrors In awe to our precious signs

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