Lyrics to Angelfire
Angelfire Video:
The twilight emerged with an enthralling glow
the winternight welcomes us with storms of snow
survival of the fittest, eradication of the weaker race
destruction of the pearly gates, heaven torn asunder

emerge my allies, emerge, Come forth and bring me chaos
untrodden paths preseverd for us in ages and ages
finally have the time arrived to shake the core of gods creation
finally have the time arrived for angelfire

Fire! Fire! My one desire
Fire! Fire! of darkness born
Fire! Fire! My sweet funerl pyre
angel cry when angel die and later turns to fire

Beg for me my precious angels
beg for me to ease your pain
oh dear! I think your wings are burning
feel the flames embrace your soul
scream for me my precious angels
scream for me to take your life
now all heaven is set on fire
gods creations burn for me
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