Lyrics to Angeldust
Angeldust Video:
Why should I suffer for thing that I never saw ? And if you
know which way to follow my soul emotions I'll give you
back indisposed me pale destiny travelers to realities that
sweeten my pain, travelling for new sensation every season we
fight like hell

A touch of sorrow convict my faith to eternal end as I drift
away I find silence, last failure of myself your absence my
hope,the end of the world again forever stay in silence again

Closed in the words of me mind I'm falling in broken visions
and if you thing that everything is lost find a reason to
live, find the treasure of your soul through tragic journeys
My fear salutary lies to your melancholy, lost in silence

Every moment of my life I'll die for you
and everytinhg you say to me is turning to you
I disprove your innocence and to stamp every cloud in your eyes
A lone dies inside you when you are walking in painless ways
Like a message of eclipse, touch me like an angel, like the echo
from east like the beauty of your love
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