Lyrics to Angela
Angela Video:
[Lyrics and Music by Maniac Neil]
[Based on the movie "Sleepaway Camp"]

[Lead: Maniac Neil]

Two kids on a boat, with their dad.
The life guard and some bitch, pulling, a water skier.

The kids push their dad in the water and the boat tips over.

The teenagers aren't looking ahead.
Their boat smashes into the dad and his kids.

The father is dead, who has survived?

8 years have passed, since the boat crash.
Cousins Ricky and Angela, are off to camp.
Gone for the summer, will they come back?
The kids all arrive to Camp Arawak.
Artie the cook, likes what he sees.
Back where he's from, they call them 'Baldies'.
Angela is shy, and she doesn't speak.
Ronnie takes her to Artie, to find something to eat.

In the pantry, Artie's horny.
He wants to show Angela:
"Something real good"
Ricky finds them, Artie tells him,
Not to say anything, and keep his mouth shut!

In the kitchen, he's boiling water.
Somebody pulls the chair, and he falls.
His flesh is burning, he is screaming,
Blisters and burn, all over his face!
Kenny and Leslie, go for a boat ride,
Kenny tips over the boat, and she leaves.

The killer drowns Kenny, in the lake.
They find the body, out of his mouth comes a snake.

Meg and Judy, give Angela shit.
They think she's a "Freak". They call her a bitch!

Judy says Angela's "a real carpenter's dream,
Flat as a board, and needs a screw!"

Billy goes to take a shit.
The stall door, is, jammed shut.
The screen above the stall is cut.
The bees are tossed right in.

His face, is, covered, in bees.
Death comes, painfully.
Another kid has died.
Mel is freaking out!

[Lead: Maniac Neil]

Angela and Paul go to the lake.
Paul tries (to) unbutton her shirt.
She relives a distant memory.
Brother and sister laugh,
Cause daddy's a faggot!

Meg throws Angela into the lake.
Ricky tries to help, but is stopped.
Mel thinks Ricky is the killer,
It's just too bad that Mel is,
Dead, Fucking, Wrong!

Meg is off, and has a date a date with Mel.
She's all excited, about it, and takes a shower.
A knife through the stall,
Goes into her back, her flesh is ripped,
Her blood flows down the drain.

Eddie takes the boys out camping by the lake.
Angela tells Paul to meet her at the social.
A few of the boys want to go back to camp.
Eddie takes the kids and leaves the others alone.

Mel is searching around for Meg.
Judy is at the cabin making out with Mike.
Mel finds Meg, dead in the shower,
He goes crazy, and looks for Ricky.

Judy is curling her hair with an iron,
Someone comes in and punches her in the face.
The iron is hot, her pussy is wet.
Pillow on her face, she's fucked to death!

Eddie goes back o camp and finds the kids.
Mangled and chopped, torn up and dead.
Mel finds Ricky and beats him to shit.
Then an arrow is shot right through his neck.

Paul and Angela are at the water front.
Angela tells him, to take his clothes off.
They find Ricky, beat up, but still alive.
Ronny and Susie go look for Angela.

Ronny hears singing close by,
Angela is sitting on the ground.
She remembers the past,
Aunt Martha forced "him" to be a 'girl".
Angela is really Peter.
Paul's severed head in "her" lap.
"She" gets up, and starts to growl.
They can't believe it!
"My god she's a boy!"

[Lead: Maniac Neil]
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