Lyrics to Angel Street
Angel Street Video:
If you think the World owes you a ride you?ll never find the reason why. Boy you know it?s down to you. Lookin? down you?ll only see your own two feet. Mama used to say to me take a walk down Angel St. So sweet thing have I got news for you come and taste my soul food. So what have you got to lose Angel Street. Stand on your own two feet `cos baby can?t you see if were to stay alive only the strong survive. Don?t you know if you can?t respect yourself you?ll be left on the shelf no one?s gonna carry you. Walkin? tall dreamin? of love and pride reachin? up to the sky arms and eyes are open wide. So come on let?s climb the stairs out of this make a wish and steal a kiss boy what have you got to lose.

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