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Lyrics to Angel On My Shoulder
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You cannot be certain,
you cannot be sure.
all those times that i took for granted left me wanting more.
Now that i've awoken, i'm ready to adore though my heart is broken i'm wiser than before.

Won't somebody tell me were is the love?
i know when i see her face, she will soon replace the pain that i've uncovered.
Where is love?
and why does it hurt so much?and will i measure up if i get to hold her?
the angel of my Shoulders

You can be disheartened, made a fool again,you cant'see the future,and who knows how this ends.
Now i hear you calling,the dance has begun,
head and heals i'm falling are you gonna be the one.
Tell dem already but we tell dem again,

tell dem already but we tell dem again,
how she left me and she gaan her way.left me and she gaan her way.

(Thanks to cri for these lyrics)
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