Angel Of Destiny Lyrics

Via Mistica

Fallen Angels

Lyrics to Angel Of Destiny
Angel Of Destiny Video:
It was a great castle
With mysterious story

You live alone
Like a shadow of destiny.
So beautiful
And standoffish.
Show me your worship
And your respect.
Pay me homage
And give me your soul.

And I will stay forever now
Garding every secret till we die
I will be the moonlight on your face
Showing you the way

Shake off the yoke
Of proud and good.
I will take it
All your innosence.
I'll never let you
To look into my heart.
I have to possess
Your light strenght.
You are like a dove
White and gentle.
I wanna see your blood
Leaking through my fingers.
So warm and soft
the sign of my victory.

Don't try to guide me
To the Cape of Death.

Your light will never
Touch the night.
My sweet angel,
Angel of destiny.

Chose my eyes and I'll follow you
Every your break depends on me
Let me guide you to the Cape of Death
I'm your fatum,
Your only faith
I will be the moonlight on your face
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