Lyrics to Angel Grrrl
Angel Grrrl Video:
I've been thinkin, maybe dreamin
I just cant wait to talk to you
You're like no one, love and ambition
Tell me if all of this is true
I don't know what to say
You take my breath away
But we live so far apart
Runaway with me, it was meant to be
I can't believe that you stole my heart

How should I feel
How can I deal
Without you right by my side?
Love your letters
Your voice is better
Feelings that you always hide
I wanna taste your lips
Have a relationship
Only thing I wanna know
Will you be mine
Think of you all the time
Do not want to let you go

My thoughts for you I cannot deny
When I look so deep into your eyes
Running around inside my head
Thinking of the words that you said
I don't think I can wait here anymore
You are the one that I know I adore
To you I would never do any harm
Want to hold you in my arms
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