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Lyrics to Anemone (English Translation)
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"Surrounded by the kindness of the dear people, I take off towards you. With those shining memories engraved in my heart, The wind pushes me to the road, which continues to the port. I think of that dear person. My feelings will last through the winter. The glorious winter. Ah. The boat leaves for a destination unknown Without waiting for the flowers to bloom. No one will put out the quietly burning flame. The little ship crossing the seas, Seeks a far away land with all its hope. Ah, my wish is but one, To entrust my eternal vow with those hands. Now the sounding of the bell tells me its time. Ah anemone. Ah my anemone. I'm taking off to you towards the time When that hill blooms red. I'm taking off towards you, Ah, towards you."

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