Android (120 Ampere Opiate) Lyrics

Circle Of Dead Children

Zero Comfort Margin

Lyrics to Android (120 Ampere Opiate)
Android (120 Ampere Opiate) Video:
Do not think or question
Do not contribute or insist
Mechanize and integrate within the blue glare of this whored media fist
Static splatters and alpha flickers and with glazed attention
A population slips further away into manipulated paralysis
Brains jarring together like humanoid marbles in boxes of bone
Public opinion and (d)evolution twisted, perverted and possessed by the global elite
Obedient and docile; we are the drones, marching to the narcotic beat of this whored media fist
Advancing into the belly of the Leviathan, content to endure within its bowels
Android consume!
Android consumed!
Your sound bite slogans can burn with your flags
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