...And Thousand Men Will Die Lyrics


The Battle Begins

Lyrics to ...And Thousand Men Will Die
...And Thousand Men Will Die Video:
Once the time will come
Our last day beneath the sun
When lightning smash through clouds
And darkness reigns the sky

This is the day when warriors ride and
Thousand men will die

When hooves and thunders pound like drums
The worlds last battle has begun
The world will sink into the see
And our fire starts to burn

You'll see the flames are raging high
And thousand men will die

Our fight is almost done
And we're at the end
But giants have arrived
We'll need a helping hand
Mjöllnir do what you for
Bring them to death
Odin arrives with Vallhalla men
They will finish the rest
Our enemies lie side by side
And thousand men have died

The world will sink into the sea
And all you know is forlorn
But it will come out of the deep
Full with honor and glory it is reborn
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