Lyrics to And They Said
And They Said Video:
It's your boy SPM yall
And you know as I sit up in this cell
I think to myself
I'm really blessed man
I get so much love
And I gotta thank you for that that,
So you know, that's what I'm gonna do

Ya, cuz mean the world to me
You helped me feed my family
You helped clothed my children
And all I do, all I do is flow, but flow I do.
Check me out

It's the boy Los blowing kill with my hood,
Fire up another one this for Hillwood
Dropping new hits, how the hell does he do it
Flowing in my 8x12 sipping thru it
Lets ride in the wind, keep my chin high
In the middle of the struggle but we gonna get by
Mamacit don't cry, the whole world holds us
Even haters on LimeWire trying to download us
No pain no glory, write a love story
Whether it's a new song or another 40
Buddy when I jump on the mic its magic
Bill gates money up inside this tablet
So much love in the mail they handle me
Fans of my family, friends was fantasy
Everything clear let the silent live on
About time I wrote a mother fucking positive song

Chorus x 2
Niggas came up and they said I couldn't do it
Now I'm selling all stores, staying true to it
Even from prison I ball like a rocket
Motherfucker's steady tripping because they just can't stop me

Mary Jane love me, Mary Jane hold me
No one do it better that what Mary Jane told me
Ill already knew that, what about you black
Feel like I'm rolling 84's on the new lag
Ride with a G, please don't burnt the seats
Sipping all day, mouth full of purples teas
Brew perfectly no my blunt is flenzy
But I will not retire like spunz Mackenzie
Some are stingy but I'm not that way
I use to share my 40oz with my homeboy drake
Not the one that's all famous, yall be tripping,
I'm talking about the drake that worked at churches chicken
This is my hood, we don't claim no sets
But the streets are alive and the game don't rest
So I stay on my toes, still I'm able to smile
A brand new year and I made it somehow

Chorus x 2

This a song for the single, a song for the married
A song for the moms and the baby's that they carry
I'm far from a preacher, far from a teacher
This is just to tell you, that I love you and I need you
So many memories, so many pains
Its funny how I use it all up for my games
That's why I tell you if you going thru a storm
Don't trip god uses pain to make people strong

Chorus x 2

(Thanks to Miguel Rodriguez & Jess for these lyrics)
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