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Lyrics to ...And Mine Journey Continues
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Nothing is truth, sermons illusionary
Details outrun in abnormality
Words empty of meaning
Mystery rises only where ignorance rules

Beholding silent arrival
Thoughts marching slowly
Receiving my mind's reflections
Notions incomprehensible
Analyzing my inner hyperspace
Oxblood floes from down above
Concluding overgod principles
My pleasures overbreach the darkest desires

Returning... back in time
I live it once again
Dreaming... in a morbid way
My visions become so strange

Guess what's my mystery
I am touchable, I am true
Path is to be revealed
And my journey continues

Aeons by aeons through the spectral soul
Passed all your gods with crystal clear mind
And I've bowed to none
As I am lord of all imaginable

No king, no master, no god,
I rule myself alone
In my cyclopean dreams
I've created all by my own image.
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