Lyrics to And I Like It
And I Like It Video:
This is my life
How I'm satisfied
So watch it baby
Don't try to keep me tied, no
So why not
Let me be satisfied
This is my life
Yeh, this is my way
This is my time, yeh,
This is my dream,
You know I like it.
Baby this is my way
How it suits me fine
So watch it girl
Or I'll leave you behind, yeh
So why not
Fit your life in with mine
This is my way
Yeh, this is my time
This is my dream
Yeh, this is my life
You know I like it
Yeh, I like it
Yeh, baby look around tell me what you see
Is it the same things you want me to be
I've seen it all happen so wrong before
Please believe when I say its a bore
I need more
I need more
I need more....
Coz this is my time
I'm doing my best
So watch it baby
Ain't gonna be like the rest
So why not
Get away from the mess
This is my time,
Yeh this is my dream
This is my way
Yeh this is my life
You know I like it
Yeh I like it
Ohh I like it
You know it's mine
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