Lyrics to And I Bid You Farewell
And I Bid You Farewell Video:
Never asked for a helping hand
But that's all I want from you
Never expected you to understand
Never knew what this would do
Inside the frames of the pain we're expected to feel
Inside a cage to separate us from whats real

Never heard a word you said,
But I'll gladly tell you my tale
While you cut of my head
And put it up for sale

The bastard's breed is crying
Dying and fading away
Rotting remains, buried alive
I'll die today
Don't need you to help me
I'm just a shell
I'm just a vast memory
And I bid you farewell

Cry baby
Cry for all the things life has done wrong to you
Tell me, why did you deserve it?
No one cares because no one's there for you
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