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Road To Redemption

Lyrics to Anabella's Song
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You where my diamond in the rough when I was sorely down, you pick me back up and now I stand on solid ground, I never knew what love was, but I'm in love now, my queen with the crown, my princess with the tiara I'm truly blessed to have you both and be my daughters father, for You I'd take an army solo like I was a spartan, I swear to god my daughter will never have to starve like I did, have worry about a thing and live the life that I did, we'll play hide and seek your secrets I will keep and if your eyes won't sleep then we can count the sheep, reason why my heart beats, my beauty's I'm your beast, so many things I could say, I could go on for weeks, ain't a thing in this world that could tear us apart, your the reason that I smile, the reason that I laugh, shades off, days are sunny now your no more dark, I was a candle in the wind but now I got a spark, things happen but I guess they happen for a reason, you made me see my ways n now I can say I am succeeding, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you, you kept me breathing the only that we would part is if it's earth I'm leaving, and know that I'm looking down on you from up above, and think of me when look up at the moon and stars and don't shed a tear just know I'm always here I live inside your hearts this is that endless love.

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