Lyrics to An Old Sunday
An Old Sunday Video:
atticus of an old sunday
when you past me sitting on the step
on the porch, waiting for thunder
and all of you came by like a parade
atticus, walking for hunger
there is suffering in the world, you said
at seventeen, I was in 1st grade
I couldn't think of anything to say
my sisters have soldiers to pray for
and they receive their presents in the mail
and Atticus, I was just thinking
I could pray for you and all your friends
there was a cloud of him, sunday fuller
something to come
and I got you bunches of azalea
I gave you bunches of azalea
you say, "Look at the flowers, look at the flowers,"
and I thought I could keep all mine
and Atticus, I was so happy
when I said good-bye to you and your parade
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