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Lyrics to An Act Of Acquiescence
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Midnight -See them burning crosses upon the hill,
And with the flames fades all persistence, resistance.
Maybe a rational observer can explayn
What eyes were unable to see:

I can remember a fortress in the sun
With wall as strong as an ideal
Yet I remember temptation calling,
Setting the battlement ablaze -relentlessly

Walking in silence a scepric spoke in rhymes:
"Existence in resistance needs alot of persistence,
To swim against the streams, to walk against winds
Of agitation and elude the pride that united and divides."
What kind of euphoria made our hearts impervious?

Sunrise - No cross is left, a witch-hund neatly done.
And with the daylight we are one in our vain pride.
Can't deviate from the norm that makes us common and conform
Faintly we recall a brighter yesterday.

I can remember a for fortress left in flames
With walls as trifling as an ideal
I can remember acquiescence.

[Lyrics: M. Steffen]
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