Lyrics to Amplifier
Amplifier Video:
Lacking subtlety and lyric poetry, a reluctant stand on stage And finely adorned in punk rock uniforms Å'cause it¹s more radical that way Someone break out the hook and yank this guy out of the pulpit I¹ve nothing new to say, just recycling old trash So maybe I should just hum The words I screech in garbled speech are not grand philosophy But I¹ll write them down but keep them underground Å'cause it¹s subversive that way Now I¹m blowing smoke at some punk rock show like some televangelist They got us amplified like these feeble cries should have extra emphasis They got us amplified If you scream without this thing do you still make a sound? Could it be that we each need the sound of our own decay To come pouring out ten times as loud on some shitty PA? Could it be that we all need our passion and our hope To come pouring out ten times as loud at some all ages show? They got us amplified

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