Among The Shooting Stars Lyrics

Sonata Arctica

The Ninth Hour

Lyrics to Among The Shooting Stars
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There was a boy
There was a girl
There was a night
The moon, full and bright
There was a howl
Closer and closer
There was a scream
There was a bite

He's always been a dreamer
A man without a face
The ghosts have silent footsteps

Her only real achievement
The license to be frail
The beauty of her wisdom
Is permanently veiled

No music for the lonely
They only know one dance
The one they do alone…
The silence of their homes

Then winter builds a fortress
Around their lonely hearts
And life becomes a fable
A snow globe in the dark

The light of the frozen moon
The howl, a familiar tune…

The bane of an innocent dreamer
Two of a kind on a moonlit night
They walk among the shooting stars

Six words for a hapless drifter
A silver blade for the brave at heart
Don't become my work of art

Save me, if you cannot save me
I need you to slay me
Only the embrace of my true love
Could ever turn me back into a man now…
Into the man now…

She finds a tiny snow globe
A garland made of hay
"Oh ghost of silent footsteps
Can you expel this bane?"

Full moon confessions, lucid fantasy
It's not a dream
The hate, the fear, they can't alleviate
"Soon they will know
But now we are together
We must go
And get slain together
Or fall in love…."

Save me, you only could save me
Or you'll have to slay me
Only an embrace of my true love
Can ever change me
Please say you can heal me…
Need you to break this spell, love

Save you, I know I could save you
No one has to slay you
Take my embrace, please, have my true love
You've already saved me
Please, let me just break thee
Free from your bane, your globe of snow…
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