Lyrics to Amok (English)
Amok (English) Video:
Knife, fork, scissors, light
Is for children not alright
Hand grenades, assault rifle
Is what they love on the contrary a lot

Being keen-eyed, notch, ironsights
And the enemy falls forwards
No bullet misses the goal
Whom it hits doesn't matter

The game is finished
But never over
The whole world sees red
The greed inside of me licked blood
And is longing for the death

We're running amok
We're running amok
We are in shock
We're running amok

Heavy tank, huge bazooka
Come out if you have the guts
The flame thrower into the face
Warmth up nicely and gives light

Take a choice which you prefer
Popcorn or large calibre
And if you are not really sure
Kill everybody you meet
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