Lyrics to Amherst Station
Ayo, it's Westside Pootie
And stop copying off my daddy
Money don't make you Flygod
God is the greatest
And y'all still broke
This is Griselda

Grr, ayo, the elegance
Hand in hand cracks in Sean Elliot
7:30 on the skeleton
The AK in the letterman, flip the streams and the Witherspoons
Please, baking soda, white man collected
Back to back Beamer, [?] Jefferson
Once I drop this new batch, the fiends at my neck again
Hit roof and tell PO can meet us at the oak room
Niggas violate, killer told, shoot their whole crew
Beat the groove after, pray the boy had the biggest jewels
You ever spent dope money on a [?]
She like, "You used to fuck Stephanie at Bennet", so what?
I was the flyest in the hall, I had all the bitches
Clocks past half, time to kill whoever's running from us, Whitman
Then fuck a bitch, the [?] caught us slipping

Damn, catch me at the Amherst Station
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