Lyrics to Americana
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I wanna make my home
Where the buffalo roam
In that great panorama

My baby brother and me
In the land of the free

In my schoolboy world
I always get the girl
On that great silver screen
'Cause since I was a teen
Ya' know I had this dream

Runnin' high on inspiration
Taken from those Wild West heroes
Full of expectations of the road
On that windin' trail to somewhere
Young and foolish though he did not care
What dangers lay in store and so

In the steps of the great pioneers
Over air, sea, and land, still I can't understand
How I'm gonna get there from here
Wherever it goes, it's gonna take me somewhere

Kentucky Moon
Montana sky
Sierra Nevada
It's an epic ride
But it's a long long drive

I wanna make my home where the buffalo roam
Songwriters: RAY DAVIES
Publisher: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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